The Best Online MBA Programs in the US


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Have you ever wondered if getting an online MBA can offer you the same benefits as attending a physical school? For many people, pursuing a graduate degree can interfere with work and family schedules and therefore is often impossible to achieve, but fortunately, there are many flexible ways you can look into to advance your education and achieve the dream career you’ve been searching for.

Distance learning options are no longer the sub-standard means of education they used to be, and with the right research, you can enrol in a top ranked online MBA program, study on your own time and still accomplish all of your educational goals.

How are Online Programs Ranked?

Most people still think that a solid education needs to come from a brick and mortar institution, but in fact, so many students have the need for online learning, that distance programs have improved their curriculum, accessibility and are subject to the same ranking criteria that physical schools are. Each year both physical and online MBA programs are classified from information compiled from reputable financial journals as well as college statistics.

They are rated very carefully for their accreditation, academic quality, flexibility, efficiency and graduation success, which is why it is essential when thinking about registering for an online degree, that you carefully research and compare each program’s value and statistics to ensure the best education the internet can offer. The internet is so widespread that any school can seem like the right one for you, but with so much competition in the market, having a known institution on your cv with an outstanding reputation can make all the difference.

The Top Ranked Online MBA Programs

The Financial Times lists the highest MBA rankings of online schools globally, and among the top six are three found in the US. They are:

Arizona State University
Babson College
Drezel University
Each of these schools has been consistently successful with their online programs and boasts top salaries for graduates. The Business School Journal offers a wider selection by offering selective but highly acclaimed online programs that are likely to boost your career if you’re granted enrolment. Some of these top online MBA programs include:

Carnegie Mellon Distance Learning
Lehigh University Online
Saint Joseph’s University Online
Additionally, The Economist names The University of Florida as a top contender, since it offers a wide network of facilities and flexibility on the length of your program based on what previous education you carry forth.

What Factors to Consider for an Online Program ?

The first element that is necessary to look for is proper accreditation, especially if offered by the AACSB, the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. This is the oldest institute of accreditation and the strictest in its requirements, meaning that the students chosen are at the top of their field and are more attractive to recruiters. The curriculum taught at AACSB recognized schools is the most competitive and there is enforced frequent interaction between students and teachers to maintain focus and keep you on the right path.

Otherwise, you can always look into schools accredited by a regional board like Higher Learning Commission or the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, which will still maintain national requirements and provide a valuable education. The only way to assess the value of each board and the best online MBA school within it though is to compare the rankings, which recruiters also take into consideration when hiring.

Online options no longer have to be the taboo of the past, but you do need to spend considerable time going through your choices and ensuring that they can offer you what you require from them. Recruiters do tend to favour an in person education but are now warming up to online degrees, since so many of them are becoming nationally reputable and offering competitive curriculum, but many of them still fall short.

Finding a school with the proper accreditation and comprehensive training is the most essential thing to ensure future success, so don’t shy away from an online MBA, just consider the rankings and benefits you can get from it first