Top Online MBA programs

With society shifting more and more to the internet, online MBA programs are becoming more and more accessible and in demand, but with the myriad of options, selecting the best option for you can be overwhelming. The top online MBA programs are those that are accredited, have a comprehensive and flexible curriculum, and make it to the top of the 2012 rankings according to business journals.

Top Ranked Schools

–  The Financial Times

The Financial Times ranks the top MBA programs globally, based on the fact that the programs are accredited, that they have been in existence for more than 4 years and based on both school and alumni surveys.

Stanford Graduate School of Business
Harvard Business School
University of Pennsylvania
Columbia Business School
MIT: Sloan
University of Chicago
University of California at Berkeley
Duke University
Northwestern University
New York University
US News and World Report

This journal ranks the top schools based on statistics, employment and GMAT scores.

Harvard University
Stanford University
University of Pennsylvania
MIT: Sloan
Northwestern University
University of Chicago
University of California at Berkeley
Columbia University
Dartmouth College
Yale University

– Forbes

This business journal also ranks the best MBA programs based on the student’s return on investment and professional success after attending the program.

1. Harvard Business School
2. Stanford
3. University of Chicago
4. University of Pennsylvania
5. Columbia Business School
6. Dartmouth College
7. Northwestern University
8. Cornell
9. University of Virginia
10. MIT: Sloan

With a little bit of effort and some research into the national rankings, choosing from the many online MBA programs won’t be the complicated task you feared.